How will COVID-19 impact this project?

Revenue reductions caused by the COVID-19 recession combined with rising cost estimates will affect plans and timelines for Sound Transit expansion projects. Through a process called realignment, the Sound Transit Board of Directors is working to determine the degree to which plans and timelines for voter-approved projects will need to change due to lower revenue projections. Learn more.


Stride Bus Rapid Transit is coming to north Lake Washington.

Welcome to the SR 522/NE 145th Stride S3 Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project online engagement platform!

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We are hosting online public meetings to showcase the proposed preliminary designs for each city along the project corridor. Please join us to learn more about the design in your neighborhood, ask questions and share your thoughts. If you can't make it, feel free to watch the recorded presentation  that will be shown at the online public meetings.


Thursday, March 2, 7-8 pm

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Lake Forest Park:

Tuesday, March 9, 7-8 pm



Thursday, March 4, 7-8 pm

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Wednesday March 10, 7-8 pm


Check out our interactive map of the project!

Explore transit and road improvements happening near you! View the interactive map of our latest designs for the S3 Line corridor or click the topics below to learn more and share your thoughts:

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Corridor map and design updates

View the updated design in your neighborhood.

Our preliminary design and engineering work is almost complete! Below, you can use our interactive map to navigate the project corridor and explore our proposed preliminary design.

How to use this map:

  • Click and drag your mouse (or place and drag your finger) to navigate around the map.
  • Check or uncheck the boxes in the legend to view different "layers" of the map, which includes elements from a past version of the design from 2019 as well as the current proposed preliminary design in 2021. You can switch between these layers or view both layers at once to see how we have updated the design between 2019 and 2021.
  • Zoom in and out using the + and – symbols in the bottom-right corner. As you zoom closer to an area, you can see more detailed design elements, such as new sidewalks and Business Access and Transit (BAT) lane locations.

Click on an icon or line on the map to view more information about that design element. Icons and lines that you can click on are listed in the legend.

Please note: This interactive map is for illustrative purposes only. Design elements depicted on the map are approximate and are based on the preliminary design plans. This map is not used for project planning or engineering purposes. If you have questions about the interactive map, please contact the project team at

Project corridor



icon for bus stops still served by king county metro 

Seattle / Shoreline:

light rail station icon Shoreline South / 148th Link light rail station

roundabout icon
intersection icon 

Lake Forest Park:


transit hub station icon SR 522 / I-405 Transit Hub

icon for Bus stops still served by Community Transit 



To learn more about the improvements coming to your neighborhood and hear directly from the project team, watch the recorded presentation  that will be shown at the online public meetings.

If you'd like to see more detailed designs, view our 30% design roll plots of each city:


Lake Forest Park:



Environmental review

What's next in the environmental review process?

We are continuing to conduct environmental review of the project. Sound Transit is the Lead Agency under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) for this project and is completing a SEPA Checklist to document the findings of the environmental work.

Upcoming public review and comment period for SEPA Checklist

After evaluating the project and completing the SEPA Checklist, Sound Transit will publish a Threshold Determination documenting whether the project is expected to have any significant adverse impacts and if mitigation for these impacts is available. Both the SEPA Checklist and Threshold Determination will be published for public review and comment.

The project team will publish the documents for public review and comment later this spring. Please look out for more information about the SEPA schedule and comment period through our project email updates.

A photo shows the intersection of SR 522 and NE 165th Street in Lake Forest Park. A traffic light over the roadway is green. Adjacent to the roadway and above the sidewalk, a sign says "Sheridan Beach.” Many green trees line the roadway and sidewalk.

What’s next

How will the project move forward?

After completing the SEPA checklist and comment period later this spring, the project team will ask the Sound Transit Board to identify the project to be built, which may enable the project to advance into the design and construction phases. The project schedule is subject to change due to impacts from the COVID-19 recession and the ongoing Sound Transit Board realignment process.

In the upcoming design phase, the project team will:

  • Finalize the design of roadway and sidewalks.
  • Finalize station design and public art.
  • Advance the Park-and-Ride garages to 30% design.
  • Obtain land use, environmental and construction permits.
  • Begin the property acquisition process.
  • Continue engaging with and providing feedback opportunities for the public, community groups, businesses, elected officials and partner agencies to comment on and inform the design.

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Pre-COVID-19 Schedule-Subject to Realignment

A graphic describes the expected project schedule. Additional description available to screen reader below
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Text below describes the graphic above

2016: Voter Approval 2018-2021: Planning phase – We are here now. Includes project refinement in 2018-2019, with the Sound Transit Board advancing the refined project in spring 2019. It also includes conceptual engineering and environmental review in 2019-2021, with the Board selecting the project to be built in spring 2021, followed by preliminary engineering.2020-2023: Design phase – Includes final route design, final station designs and public art, obtaining land use and construction permits, and the property acquisition process.Begins 2023: Construction phase – Includes groundbreaking, construction updates and mitigation, and construction of roadway improvements, parking and stations.Public involvement spans all phases of the schedule. Start of service is anticipated in 2024/2025. The schedule is subject to change due to recession caused by COVID-19 and the ongoing Sound Transit Board realignment process.

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Improving our engagement

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Project overview and contact us

Are you new to BRT?

Visit our project website or read our updated Community Engagement Guide to learn more about how this project started. You can also read our Summer 2020 outreach summary to learn more about last year's community engagement. Please note that the anticipated date for when BRT service will begin is subject to change due to impacts from the recession caused by COVID-19 and the ongoing Sound Transit Board realignment process.

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How to get involved

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This graphic shows many ways to get involved or stay engaged with the project:

Looking for the best way to contact us? Email your questions, concerns or comments to

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Call the project line at 206-553-3412 to speak with an Outreach Specialist.

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Property owner and tenant outreach:

Sound Transit will proactively reach out to affected property owners and tenants to consult about the project’s impacts. Property owners and tenants can provide their feedback and comment on current plans.


Request a briefing with us; we are happy to have a virtual meeting with you or your community group.

Our project staff continue to coordinate with King County Metro, Community Transit and WSDOT staff on their projects in the area. If you have comments about their services, please contact them through the below links: