From representative project to refined project

The Sound Transit 3 (ST3) Plan approved by voters established the SR 522/NE 145th representative project, which included the project scope, high-level cost estimates and ridership forecasts. It also established transit mode, corridor, number of stations and representative station locations.

In 2018, we started with the representative project and considered and evaluated other project refinements to incorporate into a preliminary refined project. In 2019, Sound Transit will request that the Sound Transit Board of Directors advance the project into the next phase of conceptual engineering and environmental review.

Types of project refinements Sound Transit considered in 2018

  • Station locations.
  • Parking locations within Lake Forest Park, Kenmore and Bothell.
  • Roadway and intersection improvements for bus rapid transit (BRT) priority, including business access and transit lanes, lanes re-purposed for transit, bus queue bypass lanes and transit signal priority.
  • Integration with transit service provided by King County Metro and Community Transit as well as ST Express bus service.
  • Location of connection to I-405 BRT.
  • Access for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • BRT service branding.