Key project refinements

  • Four BRT station pairs at:
    • 98th Avenue NE/NE 183rd Street.
    • 103rd Avenue NE /NE 185th Street.
    • NE 185th Street between Husky Hall and Husky Village at UW Bothell/Cascadia College.
    • Beardslee Boulevard at I-405/NE 195th Street Interchange.
  • Westbound/inbound business access and transit (BAT) lane on SR 522 from 98th Avenue NE to existing lane at Wayne Curve.
  • Sidewalk accompanying BAT lane on the north/west side of SR 522.
  • Intersection improvement at NE 180th Street/98th Avenue NE to improve BRT and transit movement into Bothell.
  • BRT operation through downtown Bothell on NE 185th Street.
  • Guaranteed SR 522 BRT bus connections to I-405 BRT at NE 195th Street Interchange with every other bus continuing to Woodinville.
  • Transit operations improvements at NE 185th Street intersections.
  • Includes construction of City of Bothell’s Stage 3 Project.
  • 300-space parking garage at existing Pop Keeney Stadium surface parking lot.

Bothell refinements

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Key considerations

  • BAT lane reliability for SR 522 transit trips.
  • Pedestrian access to transit along the corridor via east-side sidewalks.
  • Property impacts associated with stations and parking additions.
  • Coordination with the colleges and other transit operators.