Key project refinements

  • Four BRT station pairs (including two provisional) at:
    • SR 522 and 61st Avenue NE (provisional).
    • SR 522 and 68th Avenue NE.
    • SR 522 and 73rd Avenue NE/Kenmore Park & Ride, including a capped contribution toward a pedestrian bridge.
    • SR 522 and 80th Avenue NE (provisional).
  • 300-space parking garage at the Kenmore Park & Ride.
  • Implements transit signal priority improvements.

Kenmore refinements

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Key considerations

  • Provisional stations at shared King County Metro locations to meet higher demand and provide a direct connection to Link light rail.
  • Integration with existing King County Metro Park & Ride lot.
  • Environmental considerations including Swamp Creek, adjacent wetlands, and blue heron colony at Park & Ride lot.