Lake Forest Park

Key project refinements

  • Three BRT station pairs (including one provisional) at:
    • SR 522 and NE 153rd Street.
    • Lake Forest Park Town Center.
    • SR 522 and NE 165th Street (provisional).
  • Continuous business access and transit (BAT) lane along SR 522 from NE 145 Street in the outbound direction through Lake Forest Park.
  • Utilizes existing two-way left turn lane and median to reduce property impacts.
  • Allow for left-turns and U-turn at signalized intersections.
  • Add sidewalk on east side of SR 522 where new BAT lane is provided.
  • Transit signal priority at intersections.
  • Parking garage at Lake Forest Park Town Center.

Lake Forest Park refinements

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Key considerations

  • BAT lane for northbound SR 522 transit trips.
  • Pedestrian access to transit along the corridor via eastside sidewalks.
  • Property impacts on SR 522 corridor in Lake Forest Park.
  • Impacts on landscape and fish passages near NE 155th Street.