Shoreline & Seattle

Key project refinements

  • Four BRT station pairs (including one subject to further evaluation in Phase 2) at:
    • Shoreline South/145th LRT Station.
    • NE 145th Street and 15th Avenue NE.
    • NE 145th Street and 25th Avenue NE (subject to further evaluation).
    • SR 522 and NE 145th Street.
  • Westbound business access and transit (BAT) lane on NE 145th Street from 17th Avenue NE to 5th Avenue NE.
  • Sidewalk along the north side of NE 145th Street between 17th Avenue NE and 5th Avenue NE.
  • Left turn pockets at 25th Avenue NE.
  • Transit priority lanes at SR 522/NE 145th Street intersection; sidewalk improvements where lanes added.
  • Operation in general purpose lanes from approximately 17th Avenue NE to 32nd Avenue NE.
  • Transit signal priority at signalized intersections.

Shoreline & Seattle refinements

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Further evaluation

  • The BRT station pair at 25th Avenue NE is subject to further evaluation in Phase 2.
  • WSDOT and Sound Transit continue to evaluate the potential of roundabouts along NE 145th Street. The City of Shoreline, in coordination with WSDOT, the City of Seattle, and Sound Transit, is continuing to explore the potential feasibility of roundabouts at the I-5/NE 145th interchange and at the intersection of NE 145th Street and 5th Avenue NE.

Key considerations

  • BAT lane reduces peak period transit delay and travel time by 2-16 minutes.
  • Multi-use sidewalk where NE 145th Street is widened encourages pedestrian and bicycle movement.
  • King County Metro is expected to provide frequent bus service to the 25th Avenue NE bus stop, providing a frequent (~every 10 minute) connection to Link light railfrom this stop.
  • Reduces property and community impacts by staying inside the existing curb line in most of the area between 17th Avenue NE and 32nd Avenue NE.
  • Potential noise impacts.
  • Properties impacts on NE 145th Street corridor in Seattle and Shoreline.
  • Potential environmental impacts at Little’s Creek.
  • Utility relocations (transmission and distribution power lines).
  • Potential culvert extension at Little’s Creek.