In early 2018, Sound Transit began planning for its new line of service, Bus Rapid Transit. Part of creating a new line of service is developing a new brand to accompany it.

We call our commuter rail system Sounder and light rail goes by Link. Sound Transit is excited to welcome Bus Rapid Transit to the family and announce its name – Stride.

Sound Transit interviewed stakeholders inside and outside the organization to help develop a BRT brand. Common themes included a desire for the name to be memorable, short, easy to pronounce and integrate well with the overall Sound Transit brand.

The Stride name will be integrated throughout the design of the BRT system, including vehicles, stations, signage and marketing materials. Go to the Station Design section below to view the current station design concept and see how Stride could be incorporated into the BRT stations.

Station Design

The BRT system will have a unique design that helps riders identify buses and stations. The Stride brand will:

  • Differentiate BRT as premium service, offering improved speed and reliability.
  • Help riders navigate the system by making BRT easily identifiable and distinguishing it from other services.
  • Allow Sound Transit to more effectively reach existing and new customers.
  • Support a sense of place at our transit facilities.
  • Generate excitement for public transportation and endure for generations.

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Sound Transit will continue to develop the BRT station design during the next few years. The above rendering shows the general station design concept. While stations will have a consistent look and feel throughout the Sound Transit BRT system, station design at each station location will vary based on ridership and specific site conditions.